12 March 2011

Less Power

Cat with plane
    I've thought about the idea of less power for years. I began woodworking using only hand tools and gradually moved towards using machine tools sparingly. I wanted to enjoy the benefits of machine tools, speed and accuracy, without sacrificing the pleasures and joys of hand tools. this was the genesis of my passion for human powered machines.
    My ideas were distilled into this
   - choose less power over more power
   - choose  simple over complex
Even after the generator arrived to run some power tools these criteria continue to shape my decisions.
    I am not a power phobe and I am quite content to use it when appropriate. The power in my shop is provided by a small generator (3500 watts) and is not unlimited, which keeps me thinking about how best to use what I have. 

     Here are my treadle machines.        James

Drilling  plane bodies on the treadle drill press
Close up

1 x 30 Belt sander


Treadle lathe set up for sanding