30 April 2012

Personal Knife


 - A fixed blade  "pocket " knife for use everyday
 - A minimal, light, unobtrusive, small knife
 - Simple, strong construction
 - Utility tool

   The size [6"x 1"x 1/2" ] was somewhat arbitrarily decided on. I thought this to be small enough to carry dropped into a jacket or pants pocket. Having experimented with smaller knives I kept returning to this size. This is a small knife four fingers barley fit on the handle, but powerful forehand grip is possible.
   The compromise is having something that is there and small or something that is left behind because its too large, obtrusive or aggressive looking.


   The knife went through four revisions.
   From left to right
   First idea. Classic double taper handle comfortable but hard to unsheathe, Half bevel, wood handle, tube pins.
   Second  Handle shaped with single taper from butt to blade, the angle at the butt should be reversed, Scandinavian bevel, wood handle , tube pins.
   Third  A skeletonised disaster with a fuller handle and a chisel grind awful.
   Fourth  The final shape. handle end is turned over for more finger purchase and a scraper is added to the back.
   Last  Optimized. Micarta handle, screw pins, thinner blade and exposed pommel.



   The sheath needs to be simple, safe, secure, easy to carry and the knife should come out and be returned with a minimum of fuss. The nature of the knife demands a sheath as small, flat and compact as possible.
   Kydex is the material of choice here, certainly the most compact sheath can be made by taking one piece folding and molding it to the knife and retention is achieved with the right shape. 

  Next post will be on construction